Heritage Pigs

Here at Bittersweet Family Farm, we raise heritage breed pigs on pasture.

Our boar, Oscar Mayer, is 50% Large Black Hog and 50% Berkshire. We have Berkshire sows and Hampshire sows. All of them farrow on pasture, and have strong maternal instincts. Their babies are usually out exploring with their moms at just a few days old. We keep the babies with their mothers as long as we can, usually around 7- 8 weeks, this helps the piglets to thrive once they are weaned.


Their diet is supplemented with hay and feed from our local mill, their favorite is a mix of fermented field peas, barley, oats and corn. They also get plenty of fresh produce not only from our garden, but our neighbors as well. We also hope to begin feeding them fodder sometime in the very near future.


Our pigs are nothing if not spoiled. They know their names, and each one has a personality all their own. They love back scratches and belly rubs and are always happy to see us coming. They bring so much happiness to our farm, we could sit and watch them for hours on end!

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