We have many breeds of chickens roaming the farm these days. Among them, you will find Black Jersey Giants, Brahmas, Wyandottes and Orpingtons. We let them free range with the pigs and our donkey, living the good life. They can often be found hanging around the pigs at dinner time, clearly they are braver than I am! We never close them into their coops at night, but they all go back each night to roost just the same. The presence of the pigs and donkeys seems to keep the predators at bay, so our chickens really have very little to fear.


As farmers here, we are blessed with a daily easter egg hunt. Our chickens seem to prefer hiding their eggs from us, rather than using the nest boxes they are provided with. We even have a handful who have gotten it into their heads that the donkeys hay feeder is the perfect place to lay their eggs...those are by far the easiest ones to find!

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